Genius Inter College (GIC)
Barnahal Mainpuri
(Residential & English Medium)

Sports Facilities:The school has spacious playgrounds. Every child is encouraged to pick up skills in sports like Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis. In addition to the above, the school provides ample scope for children to develop their athletic skills.The school also has facilities for instruction in Karate, Boxing and Gymnastics. It also conducts camps for adventure sports like trekking, river rafting and mountain climbing. Treks, outings, picnics and excursions form an integral part of the broad based education at the school, and are arranged regularly during the year.
Spare Time Activities(STA): Music and Art are a part of the life in the campus and help in inculcating and fine-tuning aesthetic sensibilities in the children. The school can boast of high quality art and culture departments. Separate departmental buildings are coming up for Art as well as for Music within the idyllic surroundings of the campus. Every child is encouraged to learn at least one instrument and take up painting, and sketching as hobbies.

The Music room is equipped with all the basic musical equipment to provide variety to the enthusiasts. Proper guidance is available to students who want to pursue serious music of their choice. The Department of Music encourages the students to learn both vocal and instrumental music. The department has been instrumental in helping the students of the school to win various prestigious awards at state level competitions.

The Department of Art and Craft is also active in hosting exhibitions of artwork produced by children on a regular basis. The children are encouraged to work and experiment with various mediums like oil, water, charcoal, crayon, etc. The department organizes inter-school digital painting competition and helps students achieve success in other such competitions.

Children devote an hour to spare time activities every afternoon. In addition to Art and Music, these include Debating, Elocution, Dramatics, Information Technology, Gardening, Bakery, Dance, Embroidery, Library Reading and Campus Maintenance.