Genius Inter College (GIC)
Barnahal Mainpuri
(Residential & English Medium)

Class Facilities
Genius Inter College (GIC) provides several facilities for the well-being of your precious ones. A spacious and safe environment away from any major roads with a diverse playing area of both indoor and outdoor are just to name a few.
1. Our Library has got great number of books on subjects as well as short stories, novels, reference books,encyclopedias and
2. Children are issued books of their choice and teachers monitor their reading habbits.
It is well equipped with all the appratus required. All the computers are configured with the latest operating systems. The labs are LAN connected to felicitate internet use as and when required. The labs are managed by four computer teachers. Children from classes 3-12 use the labs.
Games & Sports
Apart from the regular activities pertaining to physical training that are incorporated into the time table, proficiency in many games are also encouraged. We believe that sports is not just a good exercise but also teaches valuable lessons in team spirit, respect for others, fair-play and discipline. Sports forms a very important part of our daily routine and every student is encouraged to choose and participate in at least one sport and students can choose from a wide array of activities. The school offers specialised coaching in football and cricket.
Smart Class
The smart class has facilitated better comprehension and improved learning and reitrated the fact technology is an integral part of the school system.
Health and Medical Check Up
A Medical Room is set in the school to ensurethe well-being of the students.This room is fully equiped with beds, a computer to keep the healthrecord of the students of each section and all the requisite supply of medicines equipments.
A well maintained fleet of buses raverses the city ferrying students from their homes to School and vice versa.
Every bus is equipped with Support Staff and Mobile phones.