Genius Inter College (GIC)
Barnahal Mainpuri
(Residential & English Medium)

From the Principal’s Desk at GIC
Genius Inter College (GIC) takes pride in its excellent infrastructure, which has been suitably planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the child. The school provides a full range of facilities to help the children adjust happily and to feel at home.

At GIC, where our commitment to quality is evidenced by highly qualified teachers, low ratios and clean, modern, well-equipped facilities. We help children develop qualities that will make them secure and independent as they grow self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, social skills, wholesome attitudes,self-discipline, and an organized approach to problem solving. In a short period of time, we have earned an enviable reputation for the quality of education provided to our children, of whom we all are very proud.

Education as its root word signifies is the drawing out of the innate god given talents of the individual for the benefit of the community. To find out the talents of the children is the duty of the parents. The parent is the primary educator but this task is usually handed  over to the school by the parents on various reasons. Through education he learns about his environment, fellow beings, social values and moral values, adjustability, truth ,peace ,justice etc.
 “We help children develop qualities that will makethem secure and  independent as they grow”
Education should help the children in bringing out their talents and developing their potentials for their integrated growth as individuals. So the duty of educator is a honourable one, that is why our ancient tradition says like this “mata – pitha- guru –deivam”. As educators the role of parents and teachers is to fulfill the plan of god and share with him the creative work of god.

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With warm regards,

Dir. Dharmendra Singh yadav
Principal : Yogendra Singh Bais
Genius Inter College (GIC)
Barnahal Mainpuri (UP) India