Genius Inter College (GIC)
Barnahal Mainpuri
(Residential & English Medium)

Residential Facilities
Boarding students reside in dormitories amidst scenic surroundings. The dormitories are spacious and well ventilated. Each dormitory is under the supervision of a House Master/House Mistress, providing every resident student at Genius Inter College (GIC) emotional security, guidance and comfort. A resident dorm prefect manages students affairs, thus shouldering responsibilities.

A resident student at Genius is taught the foundations of attitudes and skills, preparing every student for life “beyond school”. Boarders are taught the art of dressing to perfection, presenting a neat and orderly appearance with lessons in tidiness and importance of a disciplined and healthy life.
Every student at Genius Inter College (GIC) is taught the value of eating a healthy diet. Hygienic and nutritious food tailored to suit the needs of  children is provided to the resident students at Genius Inter College (GIC).

The Schools at Coonoor and Kodaikanal offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet, while the school at Athur caters only to vegetarians. Each culinary delight is prepared under the strict supervision of a qualified dietician. The presence of a teacher at every table ensures that every meal is a lesson in proper eating etiquette.
Health Care:
All the schools have an infirmary, with a resident nurse to take care of the sick. A doctor is on call 24 hours.